Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are the better choice, sliding doors or hinged doors?
A. Whether sliding or hinged are better, will much depend on the amount of space you have in the room.

In general, sliding doors are better suited to rooms that lack space, or large rooms that already have a significant amount of furniture. This door choice doesn’t require a lot of room, since the doors slide instead of opening into the room.

In a large room, hinged doors may be a better choice. Since hinged doors allow the user to have full access to the inside of the wardrobe, they can be a preferred choice by many people.

Another factor which plays a role is price; since sliding doors have a more straight-forward structure, the number of doors to be manufactured is smaller. In this sense sliding doors can be a cheaper option than hinged doors.

Q. I would like to have hinged doors, but I want to have a mirror, is this possible?
A. Yes, absolutely. A mirror can be set into a hinged door, using a choice of timber frame as a surround.
Another option is to install a mirror in the inner door. So long as your planned usage will allow it, the door with the installed mirror can have a 180 degree swing.

Q. Is there a way to make my room appear bigger?
A. The option of mirror doors can contribute to a room having a larger feel, in addition, the mirrors reflect light, a factor which can give the room extra dimensions.

A room which has a high ceiling can take on a smaller feel if the wardrobes are fitted to touch the ceiling. By choosing wardrobe dimensions which don’t touch the ceiling, the room can still retain a feeling of space.

The choice of wardrobe color will also have an impact on how big the room feels, dark and more complex colors have a tendency to make a room feel closed-in. A room can have a larger feel when complimented by white, off-white or light-colored wardrobes.

Q. What should I do if I break the mirror door?
A. The mirror used for wardrobe doors is actually safety glass. The mirror will generally have a vinyl backing with the purpose of keeping the pieces of broken glass in place if a breakage does occur. If the frame has also been damaged, then the door can be replaced, otherwise the mirror itself may be replaced, coupled with necessary door repairs.

Q. Do wardrobes come in standard sizes?
A. No. Wardrobes are custom made to meet a client’s specific needs.

Q. Can you tell me the maximum wardrobe dimensions?
A. Below you will see a general outline of maximum wardrobe dimensions. However, depending on the materials chosen, the strength of the structure, design elements and intended use, there are exceptions to this guide.

In general, the maximum width of a sliding door is 1200mm, with a maximum height of 2400mm. For a wardrobe with a width of 2400mm, two or three sliding doors are possible.

For hinged doors the maximum width is generally 600mm, with a maximum height of 2400mm. For a 2400mm-high wardrobe with hinged doors, there would generally be four doors. If we are concerned about how the doors will open up into the room, we may suggest extra doors. get free consultation by submitting the form on the homepage.

Q. What are the reasons for mirror doors contribute to a better price?
A. There are several ways that mirrors can be mounted within a wardrobe door. For example an aluminium frame will result in minimum cost for labor and manufacture. It’s safe to say that aluminium frames contribute to a cheaper price.

Timber frames are also an option for mirrors, which can then be lacquered, stained or Polyurethane-finished. A timber frame choice requires more labor hence is more expensive.

Q. What are my choices for room with tall ceilings?
A. For homes that were built many years ago, features such as plaster cornices can be very precious. Hence our specialists suggest that the custom wardrobe should finish before it reaches the cornice. In this way the plaster-work feature is not compromised.